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tv   Tech Know  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2015 9:30pm-10:01pm EDT

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never let the day end. without making peace. in a family you can't finish the day off not being in peace. may god bless you and give you hope. they look after families, they protect the families, because it is the family. that our future is at play. thank you god bless you all and please pray for me. [ cheering and applause ]
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>> talk of this trip, and it was focused on the family. >> i would say that the pope went rogue he was just flying tonight. the headaches, the children, the problems, all of that. >> this was a stirring speech. this pope is famous for going off text. this was in praise of the family, talking about the challenge of family life. he said it is worth being a family. a very optimistic speech. in response the testimony to be heard from the different families from around the world. >> and the life of christ. from the beginning, i mean, it
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was the history. >> the brothers killing each other. >> and it was about love conquering hatred. >> absolutely. >> love conquering difficulties. >> but you know what i came away with is what an incredible sacrifice he has made being celebrate, giving up the possibility of being married and having a family. i just kept listening to him. he was on fire. he was passionate about how wonderful the family was. i kept thinking how sad for him that he doesn't have a family. >> how very interesting. >> and how wonderful for the rest of us, the world's parish priest. he has earned that in spades tonight, john. >> i just want to mention that we thought that the pope would make his talk and maybe exit the stage. but he's back in the children. jonathan betz is with a priest who watched and listened to the pope speak.
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jonathan? >> sorry, john. yes, i can hear you. i got to tell you that the scene is really amazing. before the holy father spoke, everyone was lounging around. it's been a long night for a lot of people. asoon as he approached the podium. everyone stood up tall, and hardly anyone here spoke or move. one of those people who is with me, he's with the queen of peace church from denver, colorado. he came with a large group of people. [ cheering ] >> the people from colorado to hear the holy father speak. what are you struck most by hearing him tonight. >> i'm struck about how he was talking about the family, and the importance of the family in today's society, and 9 families have broken down because of difficulties, the persecutions
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that we have. and he was saying that love is there since the beginning of creation. god created the world to love 37 and love has been given to man and woman. in the dimension. in citizenship. >> so when you talk about families, and when you work with families at your church, how do you deal with the fact that the mannethe american family is changing so much. >> the difficulties that they're passing through, and raising their children, and how they are showing now the world is changing a lot. and the message that they have given us, all of us, and. >> so with the family changing and things like gay marriage being allowed in the united
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states, do you worry about the catholic church being out of touch with modern america? >> i do not worry because i know that god will take care of it, take care of the families, and we've been called as witnesses in this society. >> it's was so important for you to be here. we're watching the holy father on a television screen. a jumbotron. we can't see him. but there are thousands of people watching him on the jumbotron. why be here for it? >> for the spirit. we did traveled many hours and we have seen the father five times today. we are happy to be here. >> the spirit was here with a lot of people here, big crowds. >> even though we're tired physically. >> tired physically, but the faith without question is stro strong. >> thank you so much, from
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denver, colorado, with a very large group of young people here to celebrate. [ cheering ] quite a moment tonight, john. >> they've got blend of energy as this evening continues. we'll have more coverage of the pope right after this. don't go away.
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[singing] >> singing "the lord's prayer." final thoughts from you, sally? >> well, certainly not what i expected, but i thought it was incredibly moving and eclectic service it was a celebration.
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there was something for everyone in this. there was the testimonial, the lord's prayer, the country music, so i think everybody goes away staffed. >> patrick? >> john, it was a beautiful night. this is just extraordinary for all these people. we heard pope francis and the people who spoke affirm catholic teaching on the family she didn't say let's avoid that. they praised and upheld what they believe to be the to be the best model for the family, has god at the center. affirming god, this is a night
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where we heard the pope speak from the heart, and it was truly a lovely thing. it was about emotion, it was about love. it's a very unusual thing because most people don't associate that with the catholic church. >> one thing that i'll remember about this is the joy on the faces of so many families, thousands of people whether they came from philadelphia, new york, argentina, this crowd is turned on by this pope.
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we'll be back tomorrow afternoon. i'm john seigenthaler. thank you for watching. we'll take a quick break. we'll have the day's news right after this.
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visit follow @ajam on twitter. and like aljazeera america on facebook for more stories, more access, more conversations. so you don't just stay on top of the news, go deeper and get more perspectives on every issue. al jazeera america. we are back with more coverage of pope francis in america. there has been continuing testimonial. one of the >> you've been watching live coverage of pope francis in america. he's wrapping up the events there in philadelphia right now, and he'll be calling it a night there very shortly. good evening, thank you for being with us. we want to bring you up-to-date on other news that is happening
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this weekend. president obama and vladimir putin are set to meet on the sidelines of the u.n. new jersey assembly. two major international conflicts, the ongoing dispute in eastern ukraine and moscow's recent military build up in syria. diplomatic editor james bays has the story. >> all eyes will be on russian president vladimir putin when he makes a trip to new york spending less than a full day in the u.n. to attend the united nations general assembly. everyone wants to know what his intentions are regarding syria. on the one hand a russian military build up acceptin acceptesending planes and tanks to syria.
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>> last time i talked to him about this. his fear was that of a complete collapse of the state structures this could be one of the reasons why russia is acting like this. but it could also be a willingness to show the fact that there is an important. >> syria was on the agenda, too, when u.s. secretary of state john kerry met iranian former minister in new york. he was prepared to discuss exactly what was said behind the cameras. >> a major opportunity for any
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number of countries to resolve some of the issues of the middle east. >> president obama will address the certainly assembly the same day as president putin on monday. he'll be aware of any set backs for the u.n. policy. the pentagon admitted that some of those soldiers they had train had handed over their equipment to the al nusra front. another development involves iraq and a key member of isil. iraq will join it, iran, and president assad's syrian regime to be based in baghdad. >> value castro said that while it is happy with the renewed diplomatic ties, he wants the
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embargo lifted. it was castro's first-ever address to the u.n. general assembly. he praised president obama for easing the restrictions on trade, travel and investment, but said that the embargo was still hurting cubans. >> the economic trade and financial blockade continues after a half a century. it hurts us and causes the cuban people hardship. it is the main obstacle in our country's economic development. it effects other countries' reach outside of the territory, anding its to hurt the interests of u.s. citizens and companies. >> castro once again asking the generalcy systembly t systembly to adopt a resolution demanding that the embargo be lifted, but only the u.s. congress can lift the embargo. the stampede in the holy
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pilgrimage of hajj in saudi arabia, 769 people have died. more than 900 others were injured. >> iranian president hassan rouhani called for saudi officials to be tried in international court for what it called a crime after thursday's stampede caused one of the deadliest i wants in the h a, jj in decades. >> i express my deep condolences to the many families who are mourning the loss of their loved ones in this event and investigate the causes of this incident and other similar isn't incidents in this year's hajj. >> president rouhani called it heartrending. iranian officials say that saudi
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arabia authorities blocked a road to allow a royal convoy to come through causing the disaster. it's a charge that saudi officials deny. >> this incident is absolutely prosecutable according to international law. saudi authorities have ordered a review, calling the disaster fate. completing the hajj one of the pillars of islam attract 2 million to 3 million faithful every year. there have been devastating disasters in the past. nearly 1500 were killed in a stampede in 1990. thursday's stampede comes two weeks and a construction crane killed 100 people. people would complete the hajj on saturday under peaceful conditions. >> it was easy and simple. praise be to god. god keep us in good health. and for me it was easy, too, as there were not lots of pilgrims
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russiaing. >> one pilgrim from egypt praised authorities for their response to the stampede and thanked god for helping him and his wife for helping them complete their rituals completely in mecca. >> the flow of refugees in europe showing no signs of slowing up. >> budapest will consider sealing it's border with croatia. volkswagen will recall million million of vehicles.
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>> tomorrow might's stargazers are in for a rare performance when the blood moon. they call it the blood moon arrives. >> this is a special event in the night sky that we typically only see every few decades. it is called a super moon lunar eclipse. it is two different events coming together at the same time. so first to get this we need a super moon. and the orbit of the moon around the earth is actually an elliptical orbit. now the far point is that it looks farer away. the closer point of the earth is the perigee.
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they line up and we call it the super moon eclipse. adding to the earth' shadow and it gives the moon a red glow. if you want to check out this rare event, it starts at 10:00 p.m. eastern time and lasts just an hour. although the glow starts before the ellipse time. most of the country will have cooperative weather and will be able to see it other than just in a few spots. you might want to check it out this time around. the next one is not until 2033. back to you. support parents by countering some other destructive influences >> the popemobile. out in society. we can teach the next generation what matters.
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our children were raised on or
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>> the homeless... it's not always who you think. >> the majority are families with children. >> a growing epidemic that impacts us all. >> i think it's the most helpless feeling i've ever experienced. >> but who's getting rich while some are just trying to survive? >> they want to make the city for people that can afford things. >> "faultlines". al jazeera america's hard-hitting... >> today they will be arrested. >> ground-breaking... >> they're firing canisters of gas at us. >> award winning investigative documentary series.
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>> mdma helps with the therapeutic connection. >> exclusive access to the experimental tests. >> our fears are dancing between us. >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is what innovation looks like. >> can affect and surprise us. >> i feel like we're making an impact. >> awesome! >> techknow - where technology meets humanity. we are back with more
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coverage of >> looking at live pictures coming in from philadelphia at the celebration of families. taking stage just after the pope wrapped up. he gave a stirring speech on love and family and some say it was his most powerful speech given during his tour here in the u.s. which wraps up tomorrow in philadelphia. beyond the serious messages from the pope there has been talk about his popemobile. popemobiles have gone through many incarnations over the years. john seigenthaler takes a look at the evolution of papal transportation. >> the vehicles that have transported popes throughout the ages have often reflected the personalities of the holy men themselves popes who have been
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on the move for hundreds of years. popes were carried through crowds in sedan chairs and covered on or nate coaches. by the 1930s automobiles had arrived at the vatican during the rein of pope pius xi. his mercedes-benz included a mobile throne in the back. over the decades it r remained the pope mobile of choice. here is a vehicle with the top folded down. judge paul 6th was the most traveled hope.
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but the hope mobile design changed dramatically in 1981 when his open car left john paul ii exposed to an assassination attempt. he was shot four times while leaning out of a fiat to greet pilgrims in st. peter's square. the vatican stepped up his safety measures with bulletproof glass. but pope francis is calling the design a sardine can. this week he's traveling in a modified white wrangler with glass front and open sides. he is aware of the risks, but he's leaving that in the hands of gone. >> techno is coming up next, and we leave you now with aretha franklin's wonderful performance for the pope this evening.
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[singing] >> in june 2014, pope francis launched a passionate attack on an organization responsible for a century long trail of blood: the mafia.


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